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The Problem of Child Abuse

Information on the problem of child abuse is also available on the Nobody’s Children Foundation’s web portal: (available in English).

The webpage (run by Nobody's Children Foundation) is dedicated to the problem of abused and neglected children in Central and Eastern Europe. It includes information on the scale and various dimensions of this negative phenomenon in Central and Eastern Europe – results of research, statistics and legislation in force concerning situation of children. This page also consists of descriptions of activities undertaken in order to protect children’s rights. (the website is held in English)


In 2012, Nobody's Children Foundation carried out a research project that aimed at providing a comprehensive diagnosis of the problem of child abuse in Poland. "National Survey of Child and Youth Victimization in Poland" was a representative survey on a sample of 1005 students aged 11-17 from all regions of Poland covering more than 20 forms of victimization including: family and peer violence, neglect, conventional crime and sexual victimization among others. The research report can be downloaded here:

J. W?odarczyk, K. Makaruk, National Survey of Child and Youth Victimization in Poland